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Bring your new or existing concept to our turnkey retail space, with everything needed to open for business.

Move-in ready kitchen and storefront

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Pop-up retail space for your growing business

NextSeed Space enables entrepreneurs to test and grow concepts with move-in ready, short-term leases.

One of the biggest hurdles for a small business is the build-out process. A talented chef or designer might be very skilled at their craft, but many other factors are critical to opening a storefront including the capital raise, lease negotiation, design, permitting, construction and marketing. Finding ways to assist the entrepreneur in reducing complexity and controlling risks at this juncture is critical.

Monte Large, NextSeed Space

Monte Large, 

NextSeed Space

Permitting and lease negotiations

The latest point-of-sale technology

Marketing support to drive business

The Waffle Bus
Zagat-rated chicken & waffles in Houston, TX

By focusing on what is needed to quickly open and operate their businesses, NextSeed Space allows tenants to immediately thrive while reducing delays, distractions, and other typical retail hurdles.

Central Mexican cuisine and 
pan dulce in Houston, TX

NextSeed Space will provide:

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NextSeed Space is an initiative by NextSeed, a community-driven investment platform focused on local offerings.
NextSeed Space is an initiative by NextSeed, a community-driven investment platform focused on local offerings

Interested in learning more about NextSeed Space?

The DoughCone
Handmade Donut Cones & Ice Cream with unlimited toppings
The Chicken & Rice Guys
Boston's original Halal-style street food has arrived in Houston